Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Photo A Day

This month I decided to take part in Fatmumslim's Photo a Day challenge. It was fun trying to figure out what I was going to take a picture of everyday! Here is the list I went by.

Now the pictures! Sorry about the high amount of photos, but you can't have a photo a day challenge without them! :)
Day 2: Words from
Creative Knitting

Day 1: The view
from my
back window.
Day 3: Hands. Again. My daughters'
handprint art in my workroom.
Day 3: Hands. Mya's hands are
so little compared to  mine.
Day 4: A Stranger. Really like
this woman's sweater!
Day 5: 10 a.m. My living room clock.
Day 6: Dinner. Left-over Low-Cal Chili
in my favorite bowl.
Day 7: Button. My pinback button
Day 8: Sun that Annaka drew me!
Day 9: Front Door. All ready for
Valentine's Day!
Day 10: Self-Portrait. New Haircut.
Day 11: Makes me happy looking at my
lunchbox on scrapbooking day.
Day 12: Closet. The Play-doh over runs it!
Day 13: Blue. My daughter's, Annaka,
blue eyes.
Day 14: Heart. Mya with a bag on her head.
Day 15: Phone. I love those vinyl stickers!
Day 16: New. Brand-spanking new yarn bowl!
Day 17: Time. I will get bags sewn! Darn it!
Day 18: Drink. My favorite water bottle with
my favorite girls!
Day 19: Something I hate to do. Match
socks for four people. Yuck!
Day 20: Handwriting. Saying Thank You on
all my orders! I appreciate every single one!
Day 21: Favorite Picture. This is my
favorite from today! I love that little Mya!
Day 22: Where I work! My home workroom!
Day 23: My shoes. Can't wait to be wearing
flip-flops everyday!
Day 24: Inside my bathroom cabinet.
Ummmm, not gonna happen. Too messy.
Here's on top of my cabinet instead.
Day 25: Green. Wrapping up orders with
green yarn from Sunrise Fiber Co. I just
started adding the bookmark! So cute!
Day 26: Night. I spend my nights knitting!
Here I'm making the Scallop Lace Hat.
Day 27: Something I ate. Skinny Cow
Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bar.
My Reward!
Day 28: Money from all my husband's
various travels around the world.
Day 29: What I'm listening to. The Clash
"Rock the Casbah". Helping me get
through my morning.

Now, just have to start with March's Photo of the Day tomorrow!

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