Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rainbow Cake? In a Jar?

So, my daughter's birthday was coming up, and she really wanted a rainbow cake like her friend Daisy had for her birthday.  Hence, I had to go to great Googly-Moogly (Google, for those of you that don't speak Casey)! First link I saw was "Rainbow Cake in a Jar". Rainbow Cake in a Jar? What? How can that be?
But, as you can see, AWESOME!

I had to make them!

I ended up using wide-mouth jars instead, and I couldn't get the layers right. They just wouldn't stack.
I thing next time instead of scooping it in with a spoon, I'll put the batter in ziplocks and cut a hole in the corner. It would give me more control over how the batter goes in. (That's your tip for the day!)

Because of my layering problem, they came out more Marbled than Rainbow. 
My daughter, Annaka, thought they were cool though.

Add frosting and sprinkles, and I had a home run!

And, the girls could take their own cake home! Just put on the lid!

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