Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Craft Room Organization

For those of you that follow me on Facebook, you might remember that a while ago I changed my children's old playroom into a workroom/craft room for me.  I used several things I found at garage sales and things already in my house for storage.  Most of the things I use are good ideas for people with limited space, so I thought I'd share.

First off, I found this great old spice rack at a garage sale. It was an ugly brown color and needed some paint, but it works wonderfully for little items.  I store back-stock of stitch markers, labeling supplies, my spray bottle, and needles needing to be made into bangles on it. I also have a couple of mementos on the shelves: my daughter's hand print, pictures clothes-pinned up....

I also have a little wire rack made for inside cabinets hanging on the wall by the door to store all my camera equipment I need most often. Not only is it easy to find the battery charger when I need it; but, if the kids are being cute, I can find the camera FAST!

Like me and use tons a ribbon! Try to find one of these great old wooden toolboxes. It looks pretty; and, if I want to put ribbon in my bags while watching TV in the Living Room, it's readily portable.

One of my favorite things I put up was my old paper towel holder. It was originally used to hold my stock of project bags, but it has found a new use!  It holds my WIP bags and the next skeins of yarn I'm going to knit with next.

I use a lot of leftover yarn from projects to package my items when shipping. I also needed somewhere to store all those cord locks where they would be readily accessible. Voila, I found these great canisters and now they both have homes.  I also have my great owl made for me by a friend to keep them company.

Lastly, I know a lot of mothers out there that are so happy to get their babies out of diapers that they just get rid of their old changing table. Don't! They are great for storage! Mine hold bits and bobs I don't want people to see easily, packaging, and quite often pieces of fabric cut and ready to be sewn.

It was a ton of fun organizing my room! It just took a little effort and quite a few garage sales!

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