Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Photo-A-Day Challenge

It's that time again to share my Photo-A-Day Challenge pictures! Again, I went by Fatmumslim's March list!
It seemed like it wasn't as easy as last month, but I think that was because I seem to be so busy lately. Here's the list...

And, now for the pictures! 

Day 1: Up. Looking up the stairs at my oldest.
Day 2: Fruit. My personal zipper bag that is stuffed to the brim.  
Day 3: your neighborhood. I was a little late on this one.
Day 4: bedside. What my 7 year old is reading in my bed. 
Day 5: smile. M has the prettiest smile!
Day 6: 5 pm.  Delivering Girl Scout Cookies.
Day 7: something I wore. This mornings sleep pants. 
Day 8: window. Love my workroom, but I am getting sick of looking at my neighbor's window. 
Day 9: Red. My "Bringing Hearts Home" fundraising item to help with a friends adoption. 
Day 10: Loud. Kids. Enough said.
Day 11: someone I talked to. The only grown up I saw today was my Hubby. 
Day 12: Fork. In purty yarn.
Day 13: sign. Up at the Weaving Department knit night! 
Day 14: clouds. New fabric! 
Day 15: car. The back of my dirty minivan.
Day 16: sunglasses. Notice A's Too Cool for School pose!  
Day 17: green. Green pancake for lunch made by my loving husband. 
Day 18: corner of your house. A corner in my living room with overstuffed toy bins. 
Day 19: funny. Yep, we're funny.
Day 20: before and after. I cracked the whip today about A's room. No more Misses Nice Mommy 
Day 21: delicious. Sharing peanut butter cups in the car with the fam.
Day 22: kitchen sink. Thank you for giving me the will power to clean! 
Day 23: moon. None tonight. Just my street in the dark.  
Day 24: an animal. My 2 favorite animals.
Day 25: breakfast. Breakfast of champions.
Day 26: key. My house chalkboard. 
Day 27: your name. M, now 4, wrote Mom.
Day 28: trash. My workroom trash. Thread and scraps.  
Day 29: feet. M and I at storytime.
Day 30: toy. No, let's talk TOYS. This is what happens when you have a 4 year old run loose while you work. 
“Day 31: where you relax. This is my knitting chair! With my knitting bucket! 

It's been a wild month, and next month is bound to be even crazier, but I'm going to shoot for everyday in April too! Here's the list in case you'd like to do the challenge too!

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